TITAN Super Quad

TITAN Super Quad

Delivering a stunning 20,000 Lumens output the TITAN Super Quad offers the best performance on the market today in every significant area.


Product Description

Size:- It is at least 40% smaller than any other comparable projector. Using state of the art design, construction and thermal controls allows Digital Projection to produce this class-leading product.

Weight: Using innovative technology and materials, the TITAN Super Quad weights in at just under 40kg, around 60kg less than some of its closest competitors.

Brightest: No projector of this size produces close to the 20K Lumens output of the TITAN Super Quad. Couple this with four long life lamps offering up to 8000 hours life means cost of ownership is further reduced and it is friendly to the environment.

Quietest:This is the quietest projector in its class on the market. The liquid cooling and Dynamic Thermal Control, including the 18 fans, are all individually regulated.

Perfectly suited to all vertical channels, no feature has been overlooked.Multinode Warp and Edge Blend, with multiple channel memories are included. Fully active 3D with HDMI 1.4 and upto 160 Hz refresh rate offer flicker-free viewing. Dual DVI inputs and 3G-SDI offer the very latest high speed video delivery. Finally an intelligent lens mount offers image positioning memories across the whole lens range from 0.67-11.2:1. This projector really is a class leader.

Key Features:
– Built in Warp & Edge Blend
– Projector Control Software
– Rigging Frame Available
– High Bandwidth inputs
– 3D Capable
– Intelligent Lens Memory
– Superb Colour Capability
– ColorMAX Technology
– 3 Year Warranty