A series of easily interchangeable microphones, stands and shafts giving flexibility in choice of microphone and accessories for a wide range of applications including broadcast, conference halls, places of worship, leisure centres, etc.

• C 900 Rugged wide band cardioid condenser microphone for multiple use.
• C 3H Short slimline cardioid condenser microphone for use in controlled acoustic environments.
• C 800H Hyper-cardioid condenser mini shotgun microphone useful in a wide range of pro and live sound speech applications.
• Finish: Satin Black or White (C 3HW).
• Also available in Nextel Suede Coating finishes (Custom Orders Only)

CCRM 4000

• Control ports allow DSP connection and Link/daisy chain expansion to other CCRM 4000 Retracta units.
• Logic Hi / Lo for DSP mute detection port.
• Master & Slave units are identical in construction. Two rotary 0-9 digital decimal encoders are used to set Master (00) and 01 – 99 determines slave designation. The factory default is set to Master (00).
• XLR socket allows easy and fast connection of the audio to mixer or DSP. A 9-48 Volt phantom power is required.
• IR remote control is supplied with the master unit. Remote control can be used to activate the units in the absence of a DSP.
• IR receiver sensor with integral green programme mode LED and red range LED (supplied with master unit).
• Audio cable length 2.5 metres.
• Supplied with 350 degree rotation, 40 degree knuckle joint angle microphone with cardioid polar pattern.
• Up to 99 slave units can be daisy chained to the master.
• Ceiling bezel fitted with detection switch.
• Universal mains switched mode power supply available as separate item. Operates up to 4 units.
• Automatic safety detection for cable hang-ups
• Also available in Nextel Suede Coating finishes (Custom Orders Only)

CW 7000 502-960MHz

UHF PLL Personal Wideband True Diversity System. System comprises of 1 x CW 7000 handheld radio Microphone, 1 x CW 7000R Receiver.

• PLL synthesized technology allows up to 1441 selectable frequencies.
• 6 groups, maximum 23 channels in one group.
• The true diversity reception with 2 independent RF receivers ensures stable reception.
• Adjustable Pilot tone squelch control can effectively reduce the noise.
• Fitted with S.A.W. filter to resist interference.
• Fitted with squelch circuitry and Mute function.
• Rugged metal housing.
• Balanced output via 3 Pin XLR or 6.3mm (1/4″) jack socket.
• Anti-interference design for computer compatability.
• Transmission power selectable between 10 and 50mW (depends on local regulation).