Lightlink & Magnimage office Visit

In December 2016 we had a chance a to visit Lightlink factory in Shenzhen, China. Our group consisted of people from different countries, including the sales manager, Mr. Terrence Ning and the sales director, Mr. Kevin kee, both from Prism Dynamics Singapore. Fahmi Ramadoni, sales director of Prisma Dinamika from Indonesia along with Mr. Yong, the sales manager from Convex Dynamics Malaysia also accompanied us in our journey. It was a fun and learning process, as it exposed us to opportunities and resources best suited for our own customers.

We arrived in Shenzhen, a major city in Guangdong Province of China and not far from Hong Kong. The entire supply chain of electronics is established here: retailers, integral suppliers, factories, and in the last 2 years many makers, hardware startups and around 200 incubators which have risen up everywhere in the city. Visit to Shenzhen cannot be completed without a visit to the exciting Hua Qiang bei market from where you can buy, fix or make any electronics parts or products, copies or originals. Coming back to our day, a warm reception was given by the driver from the light link which made us really comfortable, after the initial greetings, he drove us to our hotel, doing his best to make the journey as much pleasant as possible. After freshening up we went out to tour the city and visited the culture village, which was really fascinating as china is very rich in culture. Shenzhen has a lively nightlife and we got to experience that too. It provided us with much-needed energy for the next morning and the day ended with all of us retiring to our hotel rooms.

Next morning the company driver picked us up and drove to an office where we were warmly greeted by the general manager Mr. Xue. While visiting the impressive production line we got to see the sophisticated circuit board machine which was based on latest technology and production methods. Mr. Xue told us about a diverse range of products made at the factory and gave us some important information. According to him Shenzhen Lightlink Display Technology Co., Ltd. specializes in the manufacture of top-of-the-line rental LED display cabinets for the events industry and the brand presently controls over 50% market share in mainland China ( a household name for those in the industry in Asia), and has seen extensive growth in overseas rental markets in previous years. Light link produces led panels which can be used both indoors and outdoors. The Pitch is the distance between 2 pixels and determines the characteristics and the performances of LED products of Lightlink, their popular model, Eclipse Series range for indoor use has a pixel pitch ranging from 2.6mm to 3.4mm and for the outdoor use pixel pitch of 4.8mm is ideal.

Most of our customers are from rental staging industry, so we were more interested in their Lightlink’s LR series as it is most relevant to our customers. The LR series offers pixel pitch ranging from 2.9 to 4.8mm for indoor use and provides an outdoors model called OLR series, all-weather LED products with patented technology. The ideal equilibrium between powerful brightness and sharp grayscale, making this a top notch product and a winner in the rental market. We also got to see other types of panels, particularly CFC series. It uses carbon fiber body resulting in very low weight, but it is also more expensive. Each panel requires comprehensive labor work. For example, every LED diode has to be checked to make sure that it works. The day ended with us trying to absorb as much useful knowledge as humanly possible.

Next day we went back to the Lightlink factory for another tour and visited the final production line of each LED panel, including the aging room, in order to learn about the testing of each product in their rigorous process. Each product had to go through hard tests. We also got to see the Led panels being arranged to form a big video wall which was really fascinating and we learned to use the video wall software so we could display content on LED video wall. This part was really fun and the day ended with us playing around with the marvel of technology.

On the 3rd day, we visited another factory, Shenzhen Magnimage Technology Co Ltd, founded in 2009 and located in TCL International E City, Nanshan, Shenzhen. It’s a high technology organization which is committed to the expansion, manufacturing and sales of LED/LCD/DLP large screen display control field equipment. The company offers professional control equipment and solution for related enterprises for different events including conference events, large stage performance, media advertising, command/surveillance center. After years of development, Main image keeps recruiting the expert technical specialist to improve the video wall technique which is suitable for large LED screen display, while also developing a series of commanding products. The company has lots of innovative technical patents and has passed ISO9001 quality system certificate, ISO14001 environmental management system certification, and CE, FCC, RoHS certificates. The main image persists in the basis of products quality, a guidance of market demanding, product innovation and service innovation, and provide high quality and performance product for more customers from different markets. They are doing extensive work on LED large screen display control solution. We learned how to use the LED video processor, LED-580F for the stage show, conference, exhibition, control center, etc. Other products like video seamless switcher, matrix switcher was highly impressive and left us in awe.

The trip was a learning process, when we came back we had much-needed exposure to latest technology and production methods in order to cater to our customer’s demands in the most efficient way while also keeping customers happy. There’s limited information available about what it’s really like visiting factories in Asia so this trip was an eye opener, an experience what made all of us more knowledgeable and better prepared to do our business in a competitive market with increasing consumer demands. Other than business, we brought back beautiful memories of people we met, the places we visited, the food we ate and all the other little interactions with people which explained everything to us in such easy ways making it possible to absorb all the new valuable information. We hope everyone can share these memories with us and learn what we learned.

Please click the following URL here to watch the video we made of our lovely trip. We hope you will be able to see what we experienced and learn from the valuable experiences we had.