Spinetix DiVA: Your Single Screen Solution.

The new Spinetix DiVA solution has been designed to make digital signage easier than ever before. Spinetix DiVA comes with a built-in web interface for you to create your projects easily and schedule instantly. The digital signage installations aren’t all the same. A predominant section of the current market is represented through relatively small projects, often including only a single screen.

Spinetix DiVA is the company’s acknowledgement that there’s a world of single-screen signage customers who require a solution that’s easy-to-operate without sacrificing anything in the looks department. The brain of the operation is the Spinetix DiVA media player that sits on your computer network and plugs into the back of your screen. Pushing content to your screen starts with logging onto the Spinetix DiVA interface via a web browser. Being browser based means you can pull the levers from any computer or device in the office or even at home, which is great!

Without the CMS, Server, and additional software, digital signage suddenly becomes a simple and straightforward investment for small businesses and single screen applications. Digital signage does not need to be complicated. With Spinetix DiVA, all the apps and templates are included, there are no recurrent fees and no hidden costs.  All you need is the Spinetix DiVA and your content!

DiVA helps to transition from print marketing to fully digital; it comes with horizontal and vertical templates that can be used as they are or customized as needed. DiVA also comes with Apps that are ready to use and the easiest way to make screen content dynamic.

Here are Templates and Apps include the following:

  1. Vertical & Horizontal Templates
  2. Weather Apps
  3. RSS Feeds
  4. Date, Time
  5. Messages

Thanks to its professional quality and ease of use, DiVA is the perfect player for installations with a single screen, in particular for, Reception area, office, sport centre, Clinic, Car repair centre and Travel agencies. Wish to know more about Spinetix? Click here or wish to speak to our sales Representative? Contact us now!

Scenario Gallery:

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